Infusion Pump

R12,650.00 ex. Vat

Infusion Pump KL-8052N

  • Built-in thermostat: 30-45℃ adjustable. This mechanism warms IV tubing to increase infusion accuracy. This is a unique feature compare to worldwide Infusion Pumps.
  • Applicable for adult, Paediatrics and NICU (Neonatal).
  • Anti-free-flow function to make infusion safer.
  • Real-time display of infused volume / bolus rate / bolus volume / KVO rate.
  • Visible on-screen 9 alarms.
  • Change flow rate without stopping the pump.


Model KL-8052N
Pumping Mechanism Curvilinear peristaltic
IV Set Compatible with IV sets of any standard
Flow Rate 0.1-1500 ml/h (in 0.1 ml/h increments)
Purge, Bolus 100-1500 ml/h (in 1 ml/h increments)Purge when pump stops, bolus when pump starts
Bolus volume 1-20 ml (in 1 ml increments)
Accuracy ±3%
*Inbuilt Thermostat 30-45℃, adjustable
VTBI 1-9999 ml
Infusion Mode ml/h, drop/min, time-based
KVO Rate 0.1-5 ml/h (in 0.1 ml/h increments)
Alarms Occlusion, air-in-line, door open, end program, low battery, end battery,AC power off, motor malfunction, system malfunction, standby
Additional Features Real-time infused volume / bolus rate / bolus volume / KVO rate,automatic power switching, mute key, purge, bolus, system memory,

key locker, change flow rate without stopping the pump

Occlusion Sensitivity High, medium, low
Air-in-line Detection Ultrasonic detector
Wireless Management Optional
Power Supply, AC 110/230 V (optional), 50-60 Hz, 20 VA
Battery 9.6±1.6 V, rechargeable
Battery Life 5 hours at 30 ml/h
Working Temperature 10-40℃
Relative Humidity 30-75%
Atmospheric Pressure 700-1060 hpa
Size 174*126*215 mm
Weight 2.5 kg
Safety Classification Class Ⅰ, type CF

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